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The All Natural Face - Lip gloss bugless rosso

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The All Natural Face - Lip gloss bugless rosso

Messaggioda *EleBioBio* » giovedì 14 gennaio, 2010 13:13

The All Natural Face - Lip gloss bugless rosso

OK...most red colored cosmetics contain carmine. What is carmine you ask??? Why it is dead dried cochineal bugs....And what are those you ask? Welllll.....think giant cockroaches...yup dried up, ground up bugs in your cosmetics, on your lips...and wellll in your tummy:) double ick!
The other bright red achievable in cosmetics is from synthetic red lake dyes....yup think red m & m's
SO this is about as close as you come in red ...and it is a pretty shimmery red..Vegan:)
Like that little story...oh you really don't want to know what I know:) hehe Buy your cosmetics here and you wont need to think about nasties in them:)
This is a great lip gloss..shiny, not sticky, and colorful! This is not flavored.
It is shiny, vibrant and RED. This is a mica based gloss so it is full of sparkle AND COLOR: ) My lippie line is all about color!
The packaging is absolutely wonderful on this one! It comes in a PLASTIC bottle with a doe tip applicator...no breakage or heavy stuff rolling around in your makeup bag or pocket! It is a generous 13ml vial ( .43 oz.)

Immagine HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL (emolliente / emulsionante / tensioattivo / viscosizzante)
Immagine CANDELILLA CERA (emolliente / filmante)
Immagine MICA (opacizzante)
Immagine OXIDES

Ho inviato una mail alla venditrice per sapere gli ingredienti: all'inizio non voleva dirmeli per paura di essere copia poi ho insisto e questo è quello che mi ha detto."I just thought you might be asking the basic ingredients:) ...and I didnt want that last convo to come off as rude:) here they are: castor oil, candellia wax, micas and oxides:) when you put INCI as the heading I thought you were asking for the color of the ingredients to get the red:) that is my trade secret:) hehe
I use castor oil because I think it makes the best lip gloss:)...and I've made a few:).
t is organic castor oil, wax and mica:)"
Da cui ho ricreato l'INCI.

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